Anime Quotes

One of the things I really love besides anime are quotes. Than you have to imagine how much I love ANIME QUOTES. Here for you I have 10 of my favorite quotes I've heard in Anime shows. Very interesting, very motivational, I wrote them down, used a bit of photo shop and here they are...

To begin I have three quotes from Naruto. That's my favorite anime and it really has some emotional and motivational quotes. 

I don't know how much of you love Tokyo Ghoul...

Akatsuki no Yona....

The Blue Exorcist...

Guilty Crown is also there...

Next is a quote from Zetsuen no Tempest...

One of my favorite characters ever...Shougo Makashima

And in the end, Code Geass...

These are some of my favorite quotes, I'd like to hear some of yours. Comment, share and +1

Your AnimeGirl <3 


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